Charles Baptist, General Manager of the Stonegate Conference & Banquet Centre

Ask to speak with Charles Baptist or leave him a voice mail.

Sample script:

“My name is [name] from [city] and I am appalled that the 2016 “Illinois Tactical Officers Association” will be taking place at the Stonegate Conference & Banquet Centre this week. I am asking you to stand on the side of the communities that face police militarization and Islamophobic violence every day. Please make the Stonegate Banquet & Conference Centre a safe place for all communities and stop hosting ITOA there! If you don’t publically apologize for hosting the ITOA conference, I will not use any Stonegate facilities, and will tell others not to as well, until you side with communities over state repression!”

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pressreleaseCAIR-Chicago will be hosting a press conference Thursday at 10:00 AM along with American Friends Service Committee, Black Lives Matter-Chicago, Arab American Action Network, Center for New Community, and other organizations to give statements and answer questions.

WHEN: Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 10:00am CST

WHO: CAIR-Chicago, Black Lives Matter – Chicago, Arab American Action Network, Center for New Community, Organized Communities Against Deportations, American Friends Service Committee

WHERE: CAIR-Chicago, 17 N. State Street, Suite 1500, Chicago IL, 60602



WHEN:  2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
WHERE: NW corner of Millenium Park (Randolph and Michigan)

Anti-Muslim speakers, militarized police trainings and arms dealers are not welcome in Chicagoland. Demand an end to the Illinois Tactical Officers’ Association 29th Tactical Training Conference.

At this rally we’ll hear speeches & performances from the young organizers behind the #StopITOA campaign. We’ll also announce our upcoming actions throughout the week of the ITOA conference (October 9-13), to keep the pressure on the venue (Stonegate Conference & Banquet Centre) and make it clear that racism, militarized violence & anti-Muslim bigotry are bad for business.



On October 9-13, police officers from all over the Midwest will gather to hold militarized trainings at the 2016 ITOA Tactical Training Conference. With the help of participants and organizers from Chicago, Oakland (#StopUrbanShield) and New York City (War Resisters League) we will link how events like Urban Shield and ITOA’s Tactical Training Conference serve as engines for increased and sustained militarization of local police and how that militarization manifests in our communities.

Join us on Tuesday, 9/20/16 from 5:30pm to 8pm to learn what ITOA is, speak to how police militarization and SWAT have impacted our communities, and find out how you can get involved.

Dinner will be provided. RSVP via the FB event and message hosts for location address: